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SEO & Internet Marketing

Become a successful SEO Executive through Professional Training  

With the passage of time search engine optimization is becoming very important because without proper search engine optimization approach it is not possible for any website to get higher ranks in search engines. More & more businesses are hiring SEO professionals nowadays just to bring their site in a good position in the search engines. But to become a successful SEO professional it is crucial to get proper professional SEO & internet marketing training.  

At Scriptgiant Academy we have faculty of certified experts who can help you to learn the strategies & techniques that will enable you to bring a site in better position in the search engines. Aside comprehensive training on search engine optimization, an online marketing training will teach you the back linking techniques or link building within your website and from outside that are relevant to your site. The faculty will guide you to handle the task with ease.

So, never miss this opportunity to educate yourself through our effective internet marketing training courses. Hopefully the updated course will help you to become aware with the most feasible marketing strategies that will guarantee a website to have a better seat in the search engines & turn out to be a successful internet marketer.    

Check out for the courses & syllabus that has been defined for students who are interested to go for a career as a search engine optimization expert in future.  

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Understanding your Business Needs

We intend to deliver business through your online marketing campaign. The initial consultation allows us to understand:

  • Your Business
  • Business Goals
  • Goals for the Campaign
  • Your key competitors

The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords.

Basic SEO Process: -

Step 1: Discuss Business objectives.

Step 2: Conduct initial keyword analysis.

Step 3: Identify the keyword/landing page combinations.

Step 4: Interim Client Approval for Keyword/Landing Pages.

Step 5: Baseline Ranking & Traffic reports.

Step 6: On-site & Off-site optimization.

Step 7: Detailed Recommendation documents.

Step 8: Implementation.

Step 9: Monitoring and Optimizing: We provide monthly reporting and optimization recommendations. The reporting is compared to the baseline (or previous month’s results) to identify trends and help guide additional adjustments.

Technical SEO Process: -

  1. Comprehensive Website Analysis
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis.
  3. Baseline Ranking report.
  4. Competitive analysis in Search Engines.
  5. Content Analysis & SEO Copywriting.
  6. Analysis of URL structure & information architecture.
  7. Analysis of internal linking.
  8. Analysis of source code and page layout.
  9. Code validation. 
  10. Search Engine Saturation.
  11. Link Popularity Analysis.

Link Relevancy & Co-Citation Analysis (Topical Relevancy).


What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is a new stream in web development. This domain mainly markets a website so that the service/product of the website reaches the internet users and the website owner gets some business out of it. Internet marketing has come from the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the process of increasing the rank of a website for some particular "word" or "phrase" called "keywords" in search engine results.

One of the most demanding job in this job market is for the post of Internet Marketing Executive or SEO executive. Almost in every corner there is Web Development Company, and there is a huge requirement of SEO executives. But there is very few skilled personnel’s in this industry. To set yourself in that position you need to know the pros and cons of search engine optimization. We provide you the facilities to gather the knowledge of SEO, the understanding of the searching requirements. Experienced staffs working in SEO domain teach you with their knowledge and experience.

We have divided our course in such a manner so that you get a better understanding. The sessions are done with practical training, so that a clear idea builds in you. The modules are like this:

Search Engine Basics

  • 1.What is a Search Engine?
  • 2.How do Search Engines Work?
  • 3.Understanding Website, Portals, Directories
  • 4.Search Engines v/s Directories
  • 5.Major Search Engines and Directories
  • 6.What is Page Rank?
  • 7.The Major Search Engines

Website Architecture

  • 1.Domain Name & Components of a Web Site
  • 2.Search Engine Friendly Title
  • 3.Search Engine Friendly Descriptions
  • 4.Search Engine Friendly Keywords
  • 5.Search Engine Friendly Content
  • 6.Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags
  • 7.Keywords Research and Analysis

On Page Optimization

  • 1.SEO Techniques
  • 2.How to promote home page
  • 3.Promoting inner pages of the website
  • 4.Meta Tags
  • 5.Meta Description
  • 6.Meta Keywords
  • 7.Header and Footer
  • 8.Keyword Density Analysis
  • 9.Optimizing website content

Advanced Section

  • 1.Canonical / 404 Implementation
  • 2.Google webmaster tools
  • 3.Creating HTML and XML sitemaps
  • 4.Creating Robots file


  • 1.Understanding blog architecture
  • 2.Creating a blog
  • 3.Blog Submission
  • 4.Blog Marketing

Off Page Optimization

  • 1.Search Engines submission
  • 2.Local Marketing
  • 3.Directory Submission
  • 4.Blog Submission and Marketing
  • 5.Article Submission
  • 6.Free Classifieds
  • 7.Press Releases
  • 8.Link Building

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • 1.Understanding Twitter Framework
  • 2.Customizing Twitter Design
  • 3.Promoting web site through Twitter
  • 4.Creating Facebook Fan Page
  • 5.Facebook Marketing
  • 6.Fan Acquisition
  • 7.Understanding different Social Media activities
  • 8.Creating RSS feeds

Course Fee : Rs.7000