Training Course

.NET Developer

Become a .NET Developer ………. Walk few steps to learn the basics & complex tasks    

So, if you are planning to become a .NET Developer or want to acquire the skills or perhaps you are interested in the in .NET Development then we will guide you to learn through our exclusive training sessions in NET.  

The company has setup its academic training institute to help students who are looking forward to build their career as a .NET Developer. A student undergoing this training session comes to learn about .NET Development, .NET Development tools, Database tools etc. Besides as a .NET Developer a students is given the training to carry out the following skills like JavaScript, XML, DHTML, AJAX and CSS.    

The faculty members will help the students to get training in a good learning environment & develop positive attitude. Besides, the students will be able to learn about the tools and libraries that can help them to create windows based applications in a more efficient manner.

Check out our courses & syllabus in details.   




  • Introduction
  • .net framework
  • Environment
  • Your first website 
  • web forms 
  • programming languages  (c#)  (separate module)
  • Event Handling
  • Server side
  • controls 
  • Server Controls
  • HTML server
  • Client Side
  • Basic Controls
  • Directives
  • Managing State
  • Validators
  • Database access
  • File Uploading
  • Calenders
  • Ad rotator
  • Multiviews
  • Panel Controls
  • Data sources
  • Ajax Control
  • Data binding
  • Master pages     
  • Creating a site-wide layout using master pages
  • Custom Controls
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging
  • Security
  • Web services
  • Multi threading
  • Configuration

C# Tutorials

  • C# -Overview
  • C# -Environment
  • C# -Program Structure
  • C# -Basic Syntax
  • C# -Data Types
  • C# -Type Conversion
  • C# -Variables
  • C# -Constants
  • C# -Operators
  • C# -Decision Making
  • C# -Loops
  • C# -Encapsulation
  • C# -Methods
  • C# - Nullables
  • C# -Arrays
  • C# -Strings
  • C# - Struct
  • C# - Enums
  • C# - Classe