Clients Feedback

Clients from Australia

Image I have been involved in web design and management for years now and have used a number of freelancers for my building and site works. As a businessman, I have around 10 active websites and online store fronts and I can honestly say that the assistance I have received from Scriptgiant over the last year or so has been nothing short of superb. I would highly recommend them for all your script, code and website work.

Glen said on Oct 02,2015 ,Australia
Image "My business purchased a script from Scriptgiant. We needed the best script and coding available to supplement our newly built site that co-relates with some of the best programmers on the planet. So after considerable research we decided that Scriptgiants were our best option. This has turned out to be a very good choose and we are extremely happy with both the technical product and the fantastic service and after sale service we have received. We would strongly recommend this company to anyone looking for the best in proven scripts."

G.B. said on Nov 15,2014 ,Australia
Image "I am very happy with the work done for my project however there were some initial communication issues but that was sorted once the project got underway. I found the developers were very professional and I will deal with them in the future. â??

Ozdat said on May 13,2012 ,Australia
Image "scriptgiant did great work on our job. We are about to use him again for our next project, creating a new website. He answered every question promptly and was very easy to talk to.We highly recommend him to anyone out there looking for professional work done. He did everything we asked on time and within our budget."

Jamestsimopoulos said on May 12,2012 ,Australia
Image "Really good quality delivered before time very fast in contact all the time very good this is the second project they have completed for me and will use again very good."

Lukeleon9 said on Jan 15,2011 ,Australia
Image "Excellent service. I am very pleased to work with them. Will definitely work with them in future."

Fuelcreative said on Jun 19,2010 ,Australia
Image "Project was completed in good time and done to a professional standard and at a decent price. After sales support also quite good too ... I will happily use ScriptGiant for more work in the future, and in fact have already handed them another project to start working on now!"

Kakimoto33 said on Nov 09,2009 ,Australia

Clients from Austria

Image "This freelancer absolutely knows what he does. The site he made is quality, the conversation was fine and project was ready on time. Will do the next project with this freelancer for sure!! â??

Remosun said on Sep 06,2011 ,Austria
Image "Has done a very good job both on the design side and the technical side. Very helpful and pleasant to work with."

Jcamorgan said on Nov 26,2006 ,Austria

Clients from Bahrain

Image ScriptGiant is a very well professionally managed Website development Company. Very Qualified at their Job, they know all the latest trends in the Website development, to make your site look good. Very warm and flexible, they are ready to help you always. Himangshu is a very kind and positive person I wish Script giant good luck and I would definitely recommened them to any one who is looking to develop websites. Thanks Saroj Arora For Jamboosa

Saroj Arora said on Dec 28,2008 ,Bahrain

Clients from Bangladesh

Image "A professional and highly skilled team. Just let them know what you want and relax. They will deliver a TOP CLASS solution. Highly recommended."

Gifat said on Nov 16,2009 ,Bangladesh

Clients from Canada

Image "Great communication! always available every time! The owner is very good in making sure that there is no bugs on on the scripts. The people that I am working with were very nice and friendly. They work very hard to make sure that I satisfied with my work."

Hapidudi said on August 06,2012 ,Canada
Image "Scriptgaint is an excellent company to work with. They have many skilled workers and anything is possible. I will use again in the future."

Mlsfacebook said on Sep 15,2010 ,Canada
Image "good work thank you very much. i have used in past and will continue to use in future."

Mlsfacebook said on August 28,2010 ,Canada
Image "Very large team so there are many people to get things done. I enjoy working with this team. Always available on skype everyday for updates and they also provide email updates on progress. Very good prices and high quality work. Thank You!"

Mlsfacebook said on Nov 10,2009 ,Canada
Image "Communication initially was a bit rough. I found their work to be excellent and they aim to please. I will work with them again. Good company and good people."

MackSheppard said on Sep 18,2009 ,Canada

Clients from China

Image very trustable and freindly.

Terenceleung said on Nov 02,2009 ,China

Clients from Denmark

Image "Communication with the project supervisor was not wholly efficient as important mails concerning design mockups and tech. specs. were ignored despite several reminders. The designer/coder only received all the mockups and tech spec for the pages, except the index page, 3 weeks into the project. This put them under a lot of pressure. Also, Scriptgiant has a bad policy of demanding a 50% final payment half-way into the project regardless of how much work has actually been completed (in my case around 15%). I encourage Scriptgiant to correct this policy and rely on on the usual milestone payments system. Having said this, I"m very satisfied with the job. The top managers of Scriptgiant are flexible and eager to please, and the designer and coder was truly fantastic. Incredibly skillful, friendly and serviceminded. And this is what counts at the end of the day. Also, Scriptgiant is very cost-efficient. On this background, I will definitely recommend Scriptgiant as a service provider."

Worldhockey said on Oct 08,2009 ,Denmark

Clients from Egypt

Image "They are good but not as good as I expected. They didn"t meet the timeline and wasn"t that flexible."

Aassal said on Dec 11,2011 ,Egypt

Clients from Hong Kong

Image I am Umair Ahmed from super technologies, my comment is, your support is awsome, tanmoy and himangshu, is the nice man, and provides the wonderful support,

Umair Ahmed said on May 06,2015 ,Hong Kong
Image "Their servises is excellent."

Terenceleung said on Mar 11,2011 ,Hong Kong
Image "Thanks . nice programer."

YoungThinker said on Oct 27,2010 ,Hong Kong

Clients from India

Image Well, Great Experience worked to complete my project as per requirement. Perfectly Done my Job and I would like to go More Collaboration with you. Thanks to scriptgiant and Mr. Asim Patra.

Gajendran Megajolla said on July 18,2015 ,India
Image we assigned mr dibakar nandy from scriptgiant to redesign our web-page one month back.on receiving the newly designed website all of us were satisfactory with the job undertaken. i express my gratitude for the job done.

Rupam Mukherjee said on July 18,2015 ,India
Image Nice to associated with script giant, i am very happy about u r services, and a quick work

Shajahan Chakravarthi said on May 01,2015 ,India
Image Its good experience working with script giant. All my needs been fulfilled. Only the gentle suggestion, please improve the time span to deliver the project may added advantage for you to get more & more projects. Planning to work again with new projects soon. Thanks to script giant.

Srinivas said on Apr 17,2015 ,India
Image Scriptgaint is a amazing team done my work in time deliver script without any issues . i preferred to work with this company they are experts all application development. if you want to buy a script or develop a web or mobileapplication SCRIPTGAINT IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD......

Arjun said on Dec 27,2014 ,India
Image It was nice working with the team. The owner and project manager is always available for communication, and has regard for professionalism. The communication with the programmer could have been better though. Designer is good and fast as well. Thanks

Vishnu Panchal said on July 06,2014 ,India
Image "Very professional and quality work...will be hiring again"

Buddyonline7 said on Nov 11,2011 ,India
Image Finding them in paper I have taken interest to contact Scriptgiant. I was impressed with their way of communication about my subject of interest as i have no thorough knowledge of how to create a business website. So I have appointed them to do my job. Yes, they compiled my job up-to our satisfaction. Each member of our team is high in mood after visiting website. Many many thanks Scriptgiant- it is because of you and your team members, specially Sampa. I should thank her specially, as she made me understand what pattern would be beneficial for us in long run. Thank you Sampa again.

Dr. Manoj Kar said on Apr 20,2009 ,India
Image I am very happy to your services and your works specially Tanmoy ji.i have develop to web site design both web site work is excellent .thanks

Vimal Rai said on 00,0000 ,India

Clients from Ireland

Image Hi Sampa, I would just like to say thank you so much to you and your co workers for developing my website. You made the whole expeirence stress free and have been able to action all my ideas. I am delighted with the way it has turned out. All the little changes i requested were done within my time lines and I would highly recomend you and your company and look forward to doing future projects again. Mark Ryan Managing Director Sub4 Investments Ltd

Mark Ryan said on August 22,2008 ,Ireland

Clients from Italy

Image Asim and his team of Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt.Ltd., has salways been available to support me in my project and to fix the various issues and bugs during the project phase.He is collaborative, patient and honest. If he can, he try to help you as better as the situation permit. Sometimes we discussed about features but ,in the end, we have always find a deal that satisfied all the requirements. I appreciated the skype videocall, with that one, we have been able to explain and understand better all the requirements, issues and bugs to be done. I can say that globally,iâ??ve had a good experience working with Asim and his team and if i will need, i will sure ask him for a future consulence. Thank you to Asim and to Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Armando Femiano (Milano-Italy)

Armando Femiano said on July 27,2015 ,Italy

Clients from Malaysia

Image "Good Provider , Highly Recommended , understanding what we need. excellent , and good job.. can be deal again in future."

Samtan80 said on Apr 13,2009 ,Malaysia

Clients from Netherlands

Image "ScriptGiant has shown to be a professional player. They have completed what was agreed on in a timely manner and we thank them for this. We would definitely consider doing business with them again if the occassion should occur. Consider them if you have a large, innovative and/or challenging project!"

FreelancerPass said on July 28,2012 ,Netherlands

Clients from Nigeria

Image "He was good at work and understood my needs. Really great guy. Thumbs UP from me"

Simeonononobi said on July 11,2013 ,Nigeria

Clients from Philippines

Image "The team excels in everything, programming, design to post-support. Great job in this project. Will be willing to do more business in the future."

Cyberpaul said on May 11,2010 ,Philippines

Clients from Saudi Arabia

Image In fact, after I deal with the script giant company, found many features such as: Web developers are very professional Speed achievement is not bad Great customer service enough that they present with you all the time and answer all your queries gently Flexibility in payment issue Can customize your website whatever you want

Taleb said on Apr 18,2015 ,Saudi Arabia
Image "Wonderful work. Project delivered way before time. I am highly impressed. Highly appreciated and recommended."

Usmunir said on July 05,2011 ,Saudi Arabia

Clients from Senegal

Image Just a feeling of total satisfaction on all levels, it was early along with many parametrage to consider but at the end it went well the site is good. what I noticed most is the professionalism of employees mainly my dear Tanmoy Nadira and through their responsiveness and dynamism That a Good this is the beginning, the work will continue I hope this is the beginning of a long collaboration Thank you for the support

Abdour Rahmane said on Oct 01,2015 ,Senegal

Clients from Singapore

Image "It was nice working with the team. The owner and project manager is always available for communication, and has regard for professionalism. The communication with the programmer could have been better though. Designer is good and fast as well. Thanks for the work.â??

Dnomyar87 said on Feb 15,2013 ,Singapore

Clients from Slovenia

Image "Good work!"

Angelisslo said on Jun 11,2011 ,Slovenia

Clients from South Korea

Image I purchased a Fivrr script. I don't need my afford for this website. They give me all I want and need.

Alex Ryu said on Apr 12,2015 ,South Korea
Image "This developer team really knows there stuff. I needed to create/upgrade a site and they came through superbly. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality website. Big thing is to have a detailed plan in order to expedite the process. Overall I am again very impressed with their work. â??

TheFrontlines said on Jun 03,2012 ,South Korea

Clients from Switzerland

Image Done Very Good Job...

Oiram3 said on July 13,2009 ,Switzerland

Clients from Tajikistan

Image It has been a great experience working with Scriptgiant. They completed the work in quality, and as I would expect it. There were some minor communication gaps, like they hardly bother to keep the promises on time because my project went on significantly longer than it should have anyhow they have great communication and always available every time! Scriptgiant has done an amazing job with my site and I would highly recommend them to whom looking high quality Website.

Ismonov Saadi said on Dec 29,2014 ,Tajikistan

Clients from United Arab Emirates

Image We are happy that you are so responsive about our needs. You make it easy to do business! Thank you for the great work.

Mohamed Mostafa said on Nov 23,2015 ,United Arab Emirates
Image We are very pleased to cooperate with Your Team.Our project was done in the best possible way by your Team.Every Thing are done in the shortest time possible.Because of your good performance, we are interested to work with you again in other projects. Thanks Again of you and your team

Alireza Rezaei said on July 30,2015 ,United Arab Emirates
Image "I just send them the headline of my projects and they take care of the details, really smart Team who understand what i want from the first hint"

Mohamed Al Qubaisi said on Nov 15,2014 ,United Arab Emirates
Image I have worked with ScriptGiant on a complex project that include php, html, mysql, ... They have done the job in a professional matter. They have a good team of coder/desinger. I recommend SriptGiant to anyone and I will definately go back to them for any future projects. Regards

S. Guizani said on Sep 29,2008 ,United Arab Emirates

Clients from United Kingdom

Image "i"m really happy with their work. they are really good."

Radu21mm said on Sep 04,2012 ,United Kingdom
Image "Excellent work, scripgiant will work until every part of the project is done to a very high standard."

Stevefcp1 said on Mar 16,2010 ,United Kingdom
Image Scriptgiant is a very prompt, reliable and expedient deliverer of online services. We had a furniture store + back-end developed by them and they far exceeded our expectations by way of extremely timely updates and edits, and meticulous attention to detail. Highly recommended.

Bob Tan said on Jun 08,2009 ,United Kingdom
Image "Shaky start in terms of communication - i was dealing with about 3 different people, but the quality of the finished work was great, and completed fairly quickly. thanks a lot."

Leeharding said on Mar 25,2009 ,United Kingdom
Image are excellent! They took my art and turned it into a highly functional and effective site. They had good communication and always were willing to edit things until you were completely satisfied. I will use them again, no question about it.

Ryan Roghaar said on August 11,2008 ,United Kingdom
Image are excellent! They re-designed the layout and graphics on my site. They had good communication and always were willing to edit things until you were completely satisfied. I will use them again!

Graham said on July 11,2008 ,United Kingdom
Image Great communication and fast working...We are a head of schedule and plan on completing this project early. So far the control/admin area is looking great. I will continue to work with them and use them for future projects.

Scott said on May 21,2008 ,United Kingdom
Image Scriptgiant have been a pleasure to do business with. They are honest, reliable and very flexible. They went beyond the scope of the job and kept me up to date on my sites progress at all stages of the Job. Nothing was a problem and everything was possible. Even after the project, the Staff in Scriptgiant are still helping me out with any queries I have. I would highly recommend anyone to use Scriptgiant from basic to very complex projects. This company is the best I have dealt with in a long time and their code work is superb. You would be mad not to try this company out. Himangshu is the Gentlemans name I dealt with in Scriptgiant, he is more than helpful and always available to take any questions which is peace of mind for anyone for their all important project.

Mike Duffy said on Oct 06,2007 ,United Kingdom
Image You guys did an excellent job with my website. Excellent Quality work with Great Support! Palash your the best! Thank you

JD said on May 10,2007 ,United Kingdom
Image He is very good service provider and do well service after finishing.

Threegega said on Dec 27,2006 ,United Kingdom
Image You may need special things for your website, and this company can create them for you. Very professional communication and all development on time. Very well done scripts and upgrades for my current scripts, I really like working with them. I give A++ to this company.

Winston Nuņes said on Oct 30,2004 ,United Kingdom

Clients from United States of America

Image "It has been a great experience working with scriptgiant. They completed the work in quality, and as I would expect it. There were some minor communication gaps, but scriptgiant is ALWAYS available online and quick to facilitate and remediate. This project went on significantly longer than it should have, but they laid out the site different ways to make the deliverable sufficient. I would highly recommend, unless I wanted to hoard them all for myself. :)Great company."

Djshatter said on Jan 17,2013 ,United States of America
Image "Scriptgiant has done an amazing job with my site. They"ve exceeded my expectations and the finished product is fantastic. They are extremely attentive to detail, easy to work with, and have quick turnaround for design and functionality changes. I will definitely work with them again - they are the best team I could have asked for. I highly recommend them for all of your web development."

Lbj6 said on July 20,2012 ,United States of America
Image "The team did a great job and spent a lot of time to fix the issues on the website. They completed all the requests."

Murislelnts said on May 31,2012 ,United States of America
Image "Great programmer. Best at what he does, but needs to get better at communication."

Johndj said on May 10,2012 ,United States of America
Image "Good Job Scriptgiantâ??

Eddie777 said on May 30,2011 ,United States of America
Image "Very good provider. good work. I was provided what i asked for."

Ripped said on Mar 18,2010 ,United States of America
Image "Quality of work is very good and customer support experience is great overall. I would recommend and use again. Thanks SG..."

Officialwebsites said on Nov 04,2009 ,United States of America
Image Very good and done work successfully

Lilares said on Mar 27,2009 ,United States of America