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PHP Developer

Are you Looking to go for a Career as a Php Developer then here we are…………. To support you!

Today, together Php & MySql means an unparallel solution for fast & cost effective development needs. The success of php has made it popular not only among the end-users but it has also become increasingly important for the developers. With the increasing demand for the php developers in development companies the scope of job opportunities as a php developer has widened.  

Understanding this importance we have streamlined our courses for php & MySql training session. During the training session a student will be taught the process of encrypting, how to protect the php source from piracy, the Php data protection method & lots more.

So, if you are a fresh graduate degree holder of Btech/Mtech/BCA/MCA/Bsc. & looking for a great career ahead as a php developer then check out for the courses & syllabus that we are offering. The course is also open to working professionals. Through our courses we prepare them to be real software developer where they are able to fix the existing code, develop new code to build web applications and be able to explain what their code & someone else code does. 

 For detailed information regarding courses & syllabus check out the courses & syllabus page.

Course Details :

Course Name : Scriptgiant Certified PHP and MySQL Programmer [ for beginners ]
Course Duration : 3 Months

Warming UP Module:

  • Introduction to Programming in PHP
  • Basic PHP Syntax
  • Data Types
  • Variable and Operators
  • Control Structures and Looping Structures
  • Functions
  • Create a PHP Function
  • Using a Function
  • Adding parameters
  • Array functions
  • Calendar functions
  • Date functions
  • Error functions
  • HTTP functions
  • Mail functions
  • Math functions
  • MySQL functions
  • String functions
  • Form Handling
  • Form Validation
  • $_GET
  • $_POST

Module 3 : MySQL

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