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Built My Private Tutor Website today & start earning money online

Are you a private tutor by profession? Are you failing to reach your targeted customers? Then you have come to the right place.

We have developed & designed a highly advanced & sophisticated my private tutor website builder and definitely this is great news for private/home tutors. This product is urbanized with 100% source codes and  license file for each domain. It will enable buyers to setup a website of My Private tutor. It is easy to install & manage. Installation & technical support is 100% free.

Tutorial Site Script with Easy to use Web Application Features

The tutorial site script comes with easy to use web application features that allows an individual buyer to manage and run the entire site effortlessly & with convenience. An admin can customize & modify the site settings at anytime from anyplace of the world. No programming knowledge is necessary because the product has been designed & urbanized keeping in mind of a layman.

What can you get?

  • Get an attractive & professional Myprivate tutor website.
  • Add & upload picture, YouTube Video, category etc.
  • Tools to connect with your students in real-time   
  • Tutor management
  • Institutes management
  • Students management
  • Content Management   
  • Enquiry management
  • Advertise management
  • variety of navigation, layout, and Table-of-Contents options
  • Highly customizable dashboard
  • Multilingual support

Thus, the e-learning software has been developed with the motive to help private tutors to get an online platform to reach their targeted audience within a very short period of time. There are no hidden fees as such, update packages is 100% free within 12 months, free copyright removal & lifetime license.

Steps for Beginners to Start

You might as a beginner think it to be a difficult task but to make the entire process simple for you there is a complete flowchart showing each and everything in detail.

It′s all about Planning

If you are planning to get your own website like Myprivatetutor then you can check out our excellent tutorial site php script available at a competitive price.

How much does it cost?

The teaching online software is an advanced & innovatory php based product developed specially for private/home tutors. The product is loaded with feature rich functionalities. Generally cost depends on the features & functionalities that a buyer opts for. There are some extra charges for additional features. So, One of the most demanded software comes at extremely nominal investment and enables you to set-up your own professional looking My private Tutor Website within no time...


My private Tutor Frontend Features

More custom features can be added / * Chargeble

Frontend Features:

Extra Features:

  1. Home
  2. Sign Up
  3. Login
    1. My Account
    2. My dashboard
    3. Edit Basic Profile
    4. Edit Tutor profile
    5. My Messages
    6. My rating
    7. My Sample papers
  4. Request a Tutor
  5. Subscription
  6. Search
    1. Search Tutor city wise
    2. Search tutor subject wise
  1. Browse Tutor Jobs
    1. Home tuition jobs
    2. Online tuition jobs
    3. Full time tutor jobs
    4. Tuition job for center
  1. Browse Tutors
    1. Listing of Tutors
    2. Tutor Details
    3. Social likes & sharing
    4. Rating
    5. Tutor Profile
    6. Online Tutoring
    7. Group
    8. Classes Study
    9. Packs
    10. Tuition Schedule
    11. Reviews
    12. Sample Notes
    13. Send Email
  • Students
  1. Sign Up
  2. Request a tutor
  3. Find a tutor
  4. Find group class
  5. Buy Study material
  1. Tutors
    1. Sign Up
    2. Browse Tutor Jobs
    3. Start group Class
    4. Sell Study Materials
  1. Institutes
    1. Sign Up
    2. Browse Tutor Jobs
    3. Start group Class
    4. Sell Study Materials
  1. Information
    1. Reviews & testimonials
    2. Subscription rates
    3. Payment Options
  1. How It works
  2. Help
    1. Help/FAQ
    2. Write To us
    3. Let Us call You
  1. About
  2. Home
  3. How it works
  4. Help or FAQ
  5. Subscription
  6. Payment Options
  7. Advertise with us
  • Careers
  • Contact Us
  • Let us call you
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Site Map
  • Social media Link
  1. SMS & Payment gateway


My private Tutor Backend Features

More custom features can be added / * Chargeble

Backend Features:

Extra Features:

  1. Password protected admin panel
  2. Change Password
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Dashboard
    1. Website Overview
    2. Statistical report
    3. Chart
  5. States & City master
  6. Tutor Management
  7. Institutes Management
  8. Students Management
  9. Content Management
  1. Enquiry Management
  2. Reviews & testimonials
  3. Subscription Plan
  4. Payments
  5. Tutor jobs
  6. Help/Faq
  7. Site setting
  8. Advertisement Management
  9. News letter


My private Tutor Frontend Flowchart

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My private Tutor Backend Flowchart

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My private Tutor Front End Member Login Credential

My private Tutor Software has been designed integrating all possible features and security issues. If you want to get a view of the front end & backend then please visit the front-end and dashboard prototype in following screen shots.

My private Tutor
My private Tutor Front End

My private Tutor
My private Tutor Admin Panel
Submit your enquiry and we will send you the Admin link soon.

My private Tutor Themes

In this page My private Tutor themes are displayed to help you know about the wide arena of our work done for our clients all around the globe. Viewing the details you can make out the quality of work that is being done by our dedicated and expertise web developers.

My private Tutor System Requirements

For further technical queries, please find My private Tutor page or contact at our helpdesk. You can either get back to us through query form which will be obtained in contact us page or you can avail our online chat tool for quick response. Our technical support team is ready to give you installation and post installation support. Please feel free to mail us: