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Grow Your Business Faster With Small Business Management Software

Do you want to grow your business forward faster? Want to close more deals?  Then don’t waste your time digging through emails & spreadsheets.

So, get ahead and get your goal fulfilled with the help of the software called small business management. The software is urbanized with 100% source codes and  license file for each domain.  

You can now get details of every deal, collaborate to sell as a team and grow faster… even when you are on the road.   

Manage every aspect of your Business with Ease     

With the help of small business website script, the small business owners will be easily able to find innovative ways to reach new customers maximize efficiency and above all will help to drive profitable growth. This php based product comes with loaded feature rich functionalities and integrated tools. A buyer can just plugin and start marketing his products or services online at a cost effective price. There are 100% free update packages within 12 months, no hidden fees, free copyright removal & lifetime license.

The software can rather assist a buyer to manage every aspects of his business ----- from sales and customer relationship to financial & operations from a customized backend dashboard.   

What can you get?  

  • Get up a site ready & live within 24 hours
  • Beautiful website designs that can make you stand out
  • Professional looking landing pages
  • Capture all your business system in one scalable system
  • Improve customer satisfaction & decision making with real-time insights
  • Speed up & automate your end-to-end business processes
  • Organize & schedule everyone & everything
  • Streamline booking & payment process
  • Bring the power of Facebook & other networks  to you
  • Email marketing
  • Sell anything from your virtual storefront
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Multilingual

The software has been specially designed for the small business owners and its application offers an affordable way to manage your own website. No installs, no hardware and no headaches, anyone can manage and run the site from anywhere effortlessly. The installation & technical support is free.

Thus, this php based product will enable a buyer to set up their own small business website clone and get connected with their customers as well as deliver service 24*7.  

Steps for Beginners to Start

You might as a beginner think it to be a difficult task but to make the entire process simple for you there is a complete flowchart showing each and everything in detail.

It′s all about Planning

Are you planning to automate your end-to-end business processes? Then check out our excellent script developed for personal & small business owners and earn huge income.

How much does it cost?

The small business website php script is customizable & economical product designed specially for low pocket buyers. This php based product comes with feature rich functionalities that can be modified as per the needs of the buyers. For addition of extra features there are some extra charges. So,One of the most demanded software comes at extremely nominal investment and enables you to set-up your own professional looking Small Business Website within no time...


Small Business Website Frontend Features

More custom features can be added / * Chargeble

Front End Features:


  1. Maintain online account of all financial transactions
  2. Close project bidding and select service provider to work on the project
  3. Manage open, closed and under work projects
  4. Advanced Search based on keywords and skills
  5. Flexible keyword matching for search
  6. Latest/featured projects section
  7. Maintain work profile along with logo etc.
  8. Manage bids on projects
  9. Place bid, retract bid, accept/reject projects upon selection
  10. Rate webmasters/service seekers on project completion
  11. View financial transactions
  12. Maintenance of online account for financial transactions
  13. Add funds to account
  14. Option to withdraw funds by paypal, check or bank wire
  15. Set project alerts to be sent in email
  16. Discuss projects on project discussion board
  17. Send private messages to webmasters/service providers



Small Business Website Backend Features

More custom features can be added / * Chargeble

Admin / Back End Features:


  1. Password Protected Admin
  2. Extensive usage stats
  3. Number of Approved/unapproved projects
  4. Shift projects from one skillset to another
  5. Highly configurable site parameters
  6. Configure Website name/keywords/logo/address, currency etc.
  7. Create / Edit / Save as many icon sets as you like
  8. Switch ON-OFF email verification process
  9. Configure all outgoing emails
  10. Configure fees for webmasters and programmers
  11. Extensive bids management console

Small Business Website Frontend Flowchart

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Small Business Website Backend Flowchart

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Small Business Website Front End Member Login Credential

Small Business Website Software has been designed integrating all possible features and security issues. If you want to get a view of the front end & backend then please visit the front-end and dashboard prototype in following screen shots.

Small Business Website Front End

Small Business Website Admin Panel
Submit your enquiry and we will send you the Admin link soon.

Small Business Website Themes

In this page Small Business Website themes are displayed to help you know about the wide arena of our work done for our clients all around the globe. Viewing the details you can make out the quality of work that is being done by our dedicated and expertise web developers.

Small Business Website System Requirements

System Requirements

Here are the details of the system requirements for the Small-Business-Website pre-installation and post installation processes. The page also includes how the Small-Business-Website will be installed. A step-by-step tutorial for installing the product is also available here. Please go through before you start any job and make the atmosphere ready before installing the product.

Pre-installation Requirements

In order to install Small-Business-Website in your system, the atmosphere should meet the support with following technical basics:

Apache version 2.0 or higher with mod_rewrite module enabled (allow override option should be set to the all value for the installation directory).

PHP 5.2.6 or higher with disabled safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions.

MySQL version 4.1 or higher. Version 5.x is recommended.

CURL PHP library.

Mcrypt PHP library.

Minimum recommended memory available for PHP: 128 Mb

For further technical queries, please find Small Business Website page or contact at our helpdesk. You can either get back to us through query form which will be obtained in contact us page or you can avail our online chat tool for quick response. Our technical support team is ready to give you installation and post installation support. Please feel free to mail us: