NGO Directory Script

Get Your NGO directory portal in minutes!

Do you want to get your own NGO directory portal? Then you have reached a perfect destination. After a lot of research we have come up with most advanced and exclusive NGO directory script that will allow anyone to setup their own SEO-Friendly NGO directory website. This particular php based product will help a buyer to establish a powerful online directory platform & run his own website easily through a secured backend dashboard. The script is developed with 100% source codes and license file for each domain. It’s can be easily customized as per the business needs of the buyers.  

Manage Your Website & NGO Management System With user-friendly NGO Directory Software     

To manage NGO Website and the entire management system easier we have developed this highly sophisticated NGO directory software. This php based product includes all the professional features, in-built tools & functionalities. You can personalize your website with own logos, images, texts, chose colors & customize themes as per your business needs. It is a readymade product, once installed you can get started with your own non-profit organizations directory website.  

It is a readymade & bug free product that can be installed & managed with ease. Installation & technical support is 100% free.


What can you get?

  • Create a professional looking NGO directory website in minutes
  • Fully customized website designs
  • You can post a project
  • Donate for project
  • Donate for anything 
  • Set up the directory listings with basic information such as titles, descriptions & other special options like featured listings
  • Setup your own membership packages & earn money from your website visitor’s submissions
  • Integrated social media integration
  • Advanced search functionalities
  • Individual calendar for all users
  • 24/7 access to the database  
  • Awareness program online & offline
  • Product upload & sell
  • SEO-friendly URLs   
  • Multilingual support

Thus, NGO & charity resources script comes with a complete economic package. There are no hidden fees, update packages is 100% free within 12 months along with free copyright removal & lifetime license.

Steps for Beginners to Start

You might as a beginner think it to be a difficult task but to make the entire process simple for you we have complete flowcharts showing each and every things in details.

It′s all about Planning

If you are planning to establish your own NGO listing website then check out for our best NGO community script available at a cost effective price.

How much does it cost?

The NGO and Charity resources script can be easily customized as per the business needs of the buyers. The product is jam-packed with feature rich functionalities. There are some extra charges for additional features. So, One of the most demanded software comes at extremely nominal investment and enables you to set-up your own professional looking NGO Directory Script Website within no time...


NGO Directory Script Frontend Features

More custom features can be added / * Chargeble



  1. Home
  2. Login
  3. Sign Up as –
  • Donor
  • Receiver
  • Member
  1. Member Profile
  • Edit Profile
  • Change Password
  • View Donation History
  • View organization List
  • Add Reference
  • Auction Details
  1. Menu wise Search Form
  • Find NGO Projects
  • Search Religious Projects
  • Search Historical Place Projects
  • Search Personal and Group Projects
  • Job search
  1. List Recent Charity
  2. Recent Opportunities
  3. Current Issues
  4. Shop of the Day
  5. Urget Help
  6. About Us
  1. Donate For Projects
  • NGO Projects
  • Religious Projects
  • Historical Place Projects
  • Personal and Group Projects
  1. Donate Anything
  • General Goods
  • Food to Eat
  • Auctionable Goods
  • Self-Organ Donation
  • On Request
  1. List of Things Available
  • Details Page
  • Booking  Now Button/Book Now
  1. Get Involved
  • Committee Membership Sign Up Form
  • Member For Donation & Sign Up
  • Share Your Project
  1.  Awareness
  1. Offline Awareness
  • Upcoming Campaigns/Events
  1. Online Awareness



  1. Share Information Form
  2. Opportunities
  1. Full time/Per Time Jobs
  • Subscribe for job updates
  • Jobseekers
    1. Free Registration
    2. Premium
  • Recruiters
    1. Register for free with logo
    2. Find Job Seekers
  1. RFP & EOI
  2. Internships List
  3. Volunteers List
  4. Consultancy List
  1.  Shop for Help
  • View All
  • Peoduct List By “Top Products”
  • Caused Based Products
  • Religious Products
  • Traditional Products
  • Auction
  1. Product Listing Page
  • View Details With Contact Information
  • Buy A Single Item
  • Buy Bulk Item
  • Gift Item
  • Shopping Cart
  1.  Partnership
    • Corporate Partnership
    • Alliances
  2. Help
  3. Complaints and Suggestions FORM
  4. NGO Help
  5. Various Proposal Forms
  6.  Donate Now Button & Advanced Donation Forms
  7. Blog
  8. Post A Project
  9. FAQ
  10. Contact Us

NGO Directory Script Backend Features

More custom features can be added / * Chargeble



  1. Password Protected Admin
  2. Login
  3. Change Password
  4. Forgot Password
  5. Content Management System
    1. Add/Edit/ Delete Content
    2. Content List
  6. Location Management
    1. Country List
    2. Add New Country
    3. States List
    4. City List
    5. Add New City
  7. Partnership Content Management
    1. Corporate Partnership
    2. Institutional Alliances
    3. Educational Alliances
  1. Donate Anythings Management
    1. Request List
    2. Things Available
    3. Good Category List
    4. Good Category Add
    5. Self Organ Donation
  1. Help Management
    1. complaints & suggestions List
    2. Support For Ngo
    3. Promostional Tech Support
  1. Product Management
    1. Product List
    2. Add New Product
    3. Auctionable Product List
    4. Auctionable Product Add
  1. Order Management
    1. Order List
  1. Project Manegment
    1. Project List
    2. project
    3. Gallery
    4. Gallery Add
    5. New Project
  1. Category Management
    1. Add/Edit/Delete
  2. Donation management



  1. Job Opportunities Management
    1. Job List
    2. New Job Add
    3. Job Sector
    4. Job Sector Add
    5. Job Seeker List
    6. Job Seeker Add
  1. NGO Management
  1. Ngo Member list
  2. New Ngo Member
  3. Tax
  4. Organisation
  5. Cause List
  6. Cause Add
  7. Ngo pogram list
  8. Program add
  1. Awarness Management
    1. Online Awarness List
    2. Online Awarness Add
    3. Offline Awarness List
    4. Offline Awarness Add
  1. Feedback Management
    1. Feedback List
  2. Current Issue
    1. Issue List
    2. Issue Add
  3. Banner Management
    1. Banner List
    2. Add/Edit/Delete
  4. Enquiry Management
    1. Enquiry list
  5. FAQ Management
    1. Faq List
    2. Add/Edit/Delete
  1. Site Map Management
    1. Site Map List
  1. Urgent Help management
    1. urgent help list
    2. urgent help add
  1. Database Backup
  1. Orgnaistion Mangemant
    1. Add new Organisation
    2. Organisation list
  2. Blog Management


NGO Directory Script Frontend Flowchart

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NGO Directory Script Backend Flowchart

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NGO Directory Script Front End Member Login Credential

NGO Directory Script Software has been designed integrating all possible features and security issues. If you want to get a view of the front end & backend then please visit the front-end and dashboard prototype in following screen shots.

NGO Directory Script
NGO Directory Script Front End

NGO Directory Script
NGO Directory Script Admin Panel
Submit your enquiry and we will send you the Admin link soon.

NGO Directory Script Themes

In this page NGO Directory Script themes are displayed to help you know about the wide arena of our work done for our clients all around the globe. Viewing the details you can make out the quality of work that is being done by our dedicated and expertise web developers.

NGO Directory Script System Requirements

System Requirements

Here are the details of the system requirements for the Odeskclone pre-installation and post installation processes. The page also includes how the Odeskclone will be installed. A step-by-step tutorial for installing the product is also available here. Please go through before you start any job and make the atmosphere ready before installing the product.

Pre-installation Requirements

In order to install Odeskclone in your system, the atmosphere should meet the support with following technical basics:

Apache version 2.0 or higher with mod_rewrite module enabled (allow override option should be set to the all value for the installation directory).

PHP 5.2.6 or higher with disabled safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions.

MySQL version 4.1 or higher. Version 5.x is recommended.

CURL PHP library.

Mcrypt PHP library.

Minimum recommended memory available for PHP: 128 Mb

For further technical queries, please find NGO Directory Script page or contact at our helpdesk. You can either get back to us through query form which will be obtained in contact us page or you can avail our online chat tool for quick response. Our technical support team is ready to give you installation and post installation support. Please feel free to mail us: