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Certain SEO Guidelines to Help Beginners

P In today?s business world it is ?SEO? that is considered to be the best strategy for online businesses to prosper. There are many who make the mistake of seeing Search Engine Optimization as a source of free traffic. This concept is true because the end result of this approach is definitely free traffic but to get that, one need to know exactly what is SEO? & how it actually works? Now if you are a beginner to search engine optimization the first and the foremost thing you need to understand that there is no magic trick to get a website rank on the first page of either in Google, Yahoo or Bing. The reason is basically the search engines are governed by complex algorithm. Therefore it?s pretty difficult to convince them that your website or web pages deserve one of the top spots. Since SEO is a complex subject one needs to have good information instead of getting misguided by the information?s available online. Therefore to get top ranking one needs to follow certain guidelines or rules to optimize the website and provide the bots with necessary signals. Here are the guidelines below that will help you to do SEO work. This basic course of actions will help you to understand and apply them in your website or blogs. Page Titles & Descriptions Page Titles
  • Each page needs to have a unique page title that accurately describes the page?s content.
  • Be brief and descriptive.
  • Help the user understand what the page is about
  • Always provide a unique description for all pages, post, products of your website.
  • Keep the size between 150-160 characters.
  • Avoid repeating the title in the description
  • Don?t add too many keywords
  • Try to use the description as a way to ?advertise? your page to the reader so that they click on your title and visit the page.
?????????? Optimized Link Structure
  • Make Urls simple and easy to understand for search engines and users
  • Use hyphens ? ? ? to separate the words that make up a url
  • Avoid lengthy Urls with unnecessary information
  • Use words that describe what the page is about but avoid keyword stuffing
???????????? Internal Links? ??? ? Link related articles together either by using keyword anchor text or by using the full article title ? Make sure that the links are useful both for the user and easy to understand by search engines.
  • ? Don?t make links for search engines only. An internal link should help the user navigate the site better.
  • ? Do not use terms like ?click here? or ?[..]? for internal linking.
  • ? Don?t overdo it. 4-5 internal links per page are enough (create more if really necessary) ??
? Text Formatting & use of H1, H2 & H3???
  • Use H1 tags for the title of your post
  • Use H2 tags for the main headings of your post.
  • Use BOLD and Italics to draw users attention
  • Don?t use H2 tags for all your headings
  • Write small paragraphs
  • Use a font size that is easy to read
?? There are yet more ???..??to be continued in next episode



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