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What Can You Do About Over Optimization Penalties

SEO is basically the technical strategy that helps to improve the website so that the search engines are easily able to crawl on it. Today Google is trying hard to come out with perfect search engine Google algorithm which will index the pages that are really valued by readers. Therefore it is better to generate comprehensive content. Now a days there has been a recent debate regarding over optimization penalty. If you haven't heard still about this debate then this blog can provide you with a bit of information. The google optimization penalty is another scrap from Google. It will help to save search results from the smartness of masterminds of SEO. Besides this due to over optimization penalty from Google the ranking of a website gets pushed down the SERPs. It was the Google panda last year before that was paid links crackdown and this year it is over optimization penalties.Implementation of over optimization of penalty makes a lot of sense from the search engines giant's perspective. In order to avoid the penalty here are certain procedures that an SEO expert should follow. These include:

Stop keyword stuffing: Gone are the days when a keyword density of 3-4% can take an article to somewhere. It is very important to know the trick of stuffing the keywords in anchor texts, URL and Title tags.

Stop linking to websites in your networks: Google regards webmaster's interlinking to all the websites in the network as a penalty.

Stop use of backlinks from useless places:A SEO expert have the tendency to acquire links from comments, directories and various networks. This doesn't make sense because the moment you will do manually to trick the system, you will be caught and killed.

Creating content: Contents that are written should have sense. It should be pure contents that should be worth every word. So writing comprehensive content can make readers to fall in live with it.
Interlinking to old posts: The idea of interlinking to older posts will tell Google that other content is also useful.

Start doing SEO: Customer centric SEO will almost never raise the over- optimized triggers.
Therefore over optimization penalty is of course a reality. But this can be overcome by having a basic idea about what causes the penalty and keeping an eye on ranking & analytics.



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