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Onpage Factor for Better SEO Ranking and Promotion

Part - 2 I am again back to discus about the Onpage factors that have a great impact on improving SEO ranking. In the previous part I have disclosed some of the factors and today I will discuss the other Onpage factors which play a crucial role in helping a website to get top ranking on SERPs. ?The objective behind highlighting on the importance of Onpage factors is all of these factors help you to get maximum traffic. Thus helping you to get better ranking and boost your ROI. Now let?s discuss about the other factors????.. Dofollow backlinks???? Always try to build more and more ?do follow? backlinks since these are the links which helps to increase the page rank.? The do follow backlinks greatly affects SEO ranking in an affirmative way. Besides this it is also important for you to get external backlinks from websites having high page rank.   External Links?? ???? But before giving external links there are certain issues which one needs to follow. These include: -????????? Try to link to the related websites -????????? Try to link to websites with high page rank -???????? Try to give ?nofollow? link (if your content is genuine). -???????? Don?t give links to your competitor. -???????? Don?t give link to your own websites (if any). ? SEO Friendly URLs?? It is very important to include the targeted keywords in your post/page URL.? Don?t make use of short URLs. This can definitely hamper the ranking because the search engines will not give ranking to those URLs. Apart from this one should avoid using a, an, dot and or in the URLs.   Content???? ? Another significant factor is a unique, relevant and keywords optimized content. Primarily unique quality content will give good do follow backlinks. This will definitely increase the traffic and ultimately a high rank in the search engines. But don?t forget to put images in webpages/posts because images bring more traffic and this is really true according to my experience. Always try to provide your website with original content. Try to avoid duplicate content because Google hates duplicate contents.   404 Pages???? ?? You need to make sure that your website does not contain a dead page that only shows the error. Redirection?? ? If your website is powered by Wordpress then it will be easier to redirect 404 pages. Just you need to install 404 plug in. It will automatically redirect all of your 404 web pages to the home page of your website.   Non www or www??? ??? Most people often think that it hardly matters whether a website begins with www, or non www. It is a wrong concept because non www is an important factor in SEO. Therefore your website should begin with non-www like it should look like instead of In order to redirect your www to non-www one should follow these steps:
  • Go to the cPanel.
  • Click ?Domains? > ?Redirects?
  • In the box fill this:
  • Permanent (301)
  • Redirects >
  • Choose ?Only redirect with www?.
Website Loading Speed??? The loading speed also matters a lot. If your website is not hosted on a good server then its loading speed cannot be improved. Therefore it?s not just about Meta tags, code and the URLs the most essential thing is how your website communicates with the users and the search engine spiders. Also you need to make sure that your website is easily readable and accessible.      



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