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Linking For SEO Evolves

Even the most novice SEO student has long since realized that content is king, links (and lots of them) matter, and digital media without external and internal link shares might as well not even come out to play. In recent years, SEO experts have rightly focused on making connections with like-minded content creators, carefully selecting partners that may not be direct competitors, but offer valuable and relevant information. Many less savvy marketers have therefore assumed that links are links, and the more the merrier. As Google algorithms have become all the more sophisticated, it is now readily apparent that all links are not created equal, and the company webmasters keep is key to their own search rankings. Digital creators must now think carefully about who they link to, who in turn links back to them, and what most currently do not consider every last link their partners feature too. This concept is currently referred to as co-citation (or co-occurrence in some circles). More is here Courtesy :



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