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Onpage Factor for Better SEO Ranking

Part - 1 Onpage is considered as the most important factor that influences page ranking search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Onpage SEO primarily means the process of optimizing certain specific sections of the website/blog content. As a result of which the search engines can easily allot a rank to the site. Hence it is a great responsibility that is to be handled by a search engine optimization expert in order to meet the demands of search engines. If your website is not properly optimized then it is true that all your efforts like link building, social networking and marketing will go in vain. Though there is no complete rule book for on-page search engine optimization. It is actually based on analytics, estimates and errors. But it is obvious that if you don?t take care about Onpage factor then surely you might stay behind in page ranking. With improved Google algorithms it has become difficult to perform SEO. But this doesn?t mean that Onpage optimization cannot be performed. But in order to do that one needs to follow certain guidelines & tips. These include: Title tags & Meta Descriptions??? ?? These are crucial for SEO because search engine gives them special attention. To get attractive results make sure you follow these rules: Stunning & Eye-catching title as well description Include targeted keywords in Title & description Limit title to 65 characters Limit description to 160 characters Alt Tags of Images Always make sure to put your targeted keywords in alt tags of images. But before implementing this rule one need to remember that same keywords should not be used in alt tags of all images.? So it is better to put different keywords. Put 2 to 3 keywords in alt tags. Keywords Density There is a wrong conception among many people regarding the use of targeted keywords in articles. They think more usage of keyword is good for SEO. But this is totally wrong because you need to make some balance and make sure that your web page keyword density is in between 4% to 7%. Internal Links In order to help search engine spider?s to travel in your web pages, the best thing is to build strong internal links inside your website pages. But keep in mind not to give too many internal links, give those only that are related to your article. ?????????????????????????? To be continued ????? in the next episode........



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